Saturday, 31 August 2013

On the doorsteps of Chatham, Malling and Paddock Wood

We had three campaign teams working in West Kent today; Tracey Crouch was leading a team in Chatham, Ed Pugh and colleagues were out and about in West Malling and Greg Clark MP joined local councillors Elizabeth Thomas (left) and Bill Hills (right) as part of a magnificent team of thirty three campaigning in Paddock Wood (in the Tunbridge Wells constituency).

Between them, the three teams knocked on 2,000 doors and delivered over 5,000 leaflets.

Comments of the day:

"You politicians only come around at election time." 
Well - we're here now, in August, and there are no elections! 
"Yes, that's because you know people get sick of you coming at election time, so now you come early instead."


"Me, nah I never bother voting. If you vote they get in." 
Well, they get in anyway, so you should vote.
"That's the point, if they're going to get in anyway, what's the point of voting?"

Hmmm...some perverse logic in that!

My thanks to everyone who came to help across West Kent. I am fortunate to not only work in such a lovely part of the country, but to work with people who are so willing to campaign hard for what we believe in, and most importantly work as a team towards shared goals.

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  1. Well done to you Andrew as these things do not happen by accident. You are a real driving force and an inspiration. We are all looking forward to you working your magic in Maidstone. If only the conservative party could replicate you and have an Andrew Kennedy in every county.