Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cllr Andrew Mackness learns a new language

My good mate, Cllr Andrew Mackness, is a top guy and a really hard working and effective councillor. If I ever found myself in the trenches, I could think of no-one I would sooner have alongside me; even if for no other reason than his catering company make good sandwiches.

However, I was amused to read a series of Tweets this morning, demonstrating the Cllr Mackness has learnt a new language. That language which baffles 99% of voters but is beloved of local government employees and some councillors: Acronymitis.

Here is the best of many examples

Can anyone tell me what it actually means ?

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  1. Local Government Translator29 August 2013 at 00:09

    What are waiting time definitions at MFT (Medway Foundation Trust ie the hospital) #AandE (Accident and Emergency as I'm sure readers will know). CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group- the Doc's who 'buy' health provision) and MFT (the hospital..) must be in agreement .Not sure governing body at CCG (the Doc's who buy healthcare for us) clear