Friday, 2 August 2013

South East Labour - UNITEd in Brotherly Love

The Labour Party have published their list of candidates for next year's European Elections. And guess what? It's not just Falkirk where the UNITE Trades Union is flexing its muscles. In every British region bar one, a UNITE backed candidate has finished at the top of Labour's regional list. 

So what about the South East Region?

Well "in at number one" is Annelise Dodds, a Scottish born university lecturer working in Birmingham who is... a member of UNITE

Number two slot on Labour's South East List is John Howarth, a member of UNITE.
And at Position Number 8 on Labour's South East List is James Watkins - a member of UNITE!

In fact, of the ten names, all but one claim to be active Trades Unionists. Two don't actually admit which Union they belong to - perhaps wisely given recent events. Could it be that in South East Region, UNITE have shoe-horned in 50% of Labour's Euro Candidates, including the top two on the list?

He who pays the piper really does call the tune.

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