Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Giving the train spotters a right of reply !

One of the placard waving train spotters who picketed the recent Conservative Garden Party has been in touch by email to complain about my blog. In case you have forgotten, here it is:

For the sake of fairness and accuracy, here is his email

I was there! The lies that you spread. We took your tea and cakes but you are exatarating. You liars. Racist Torie polces are made to be fought. You scapegoat immigrants and people on benefits. How dare you. The ATOS system kills. The Conservaive pary has blood on there hands.

That hopefully clears that one up! 


  1. I'm guessing he wasn't grammar school educated.

  2. Putting aside the atrocious English, I suspect he's been imbibing more than 'Tory tea'.

  3. Pardon my ignorance but wasn't the contract awarded to ATOS by the Labour government of the time?