Friday, 9 August 2013

Bomb Scares, Fake Ricin and Mad Axe Men

Another afternoon of high drama at Tory Towers in sleepy West Malling, when a masked axe man held up the jewellery stop beneath the West Kent Campaign HQ.

I had popped out to drop off a batch of postal vote forms when the incident happened, arriving back just as the police were cordoning-off the crime scene. Some brave (or stupid) passer-by actually stopped to take a photo of the axe man inside the store!

Last September, West Malling was closed for three hours when the police, accompanied by decontamination units, military personnel, bomb disposal experts, ambulances and paramedics turned up after a suspicious package (containing an unidentified white powder) was delivered to our office. 

Full story: HERE

At 15 seconds you can spot Jon (blue shirt) lurking in doorway!

The suspicious substance subsequently turned out to be bleached sand.  I was told by the police that DNA was recovered from the gummed envelope, but sadly there was no match on the DNA database and no arrests were ever made.

I remember Jon opening the post and the white powder pouring out all over him.

Jon: "Oh f*ck, there's loads of white powder in this envelope..."
Me: "what does it look like?"
Jon: "Like this" [pointing to his lap]
Me:  "Does it smell of anything?"
Jon [sniffing envelope] "Nah..."
Me [leaning over desk and prodding envelope with a 12 inch ruler] 'I hope it's not ricin..."
Jon "so do I, it's all over me and I have now sniffed it."

The worst of it was - it was sent in one of our freepost reply envelopes so we had to pay the postage!

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