Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Inform the agent that I shall be visiting the office....

Amused to hear from Jon of a phone call which came in last Friday, whilst I was off.

"Hello, my name is (xxx xxx) and I intend to be your next MP. Is the agent there?"

Jon: No, he's off today.

"OK yah, well kindly inform him that I shall be visiting his office next Tuesday for a chat about the process."

Jon: I suspect you won't.

"Oh I will."

Jon: Well. he will probably be happy to give you a telephone briefing, as he does for anyone who calls. Secondly, he is not meeting applicants on the basis that last week alone 26 phoned-up, and if he met one he would need to meet them all, and he wouldn't get any work done. And finally, calling to tell us what you are doing without checking it's convenient is not really the way we operate here. 

"Oh, very well. Click."

I am pleased to say she hasn't turned up!

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