Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Southeastern - FAIL.

Our railway companies are not the most popular group, with above inflation increases and a generally poor service. Personally, I am happy to pay a "market rate" for my train travel, just as I have to pay a "market rate" when I fly, drive a car or take a taxi.

What I really object to, however, is paying high cost for dirty trains and poor customer service. Any company can suffer from the consequences of external issues over which they have little control. However it is how a company reacts and relates to its customers that marks out the good from the bad. 

Like most train operators, Southeastern have a bad public image for many reasons; reliability and price increases among them. A poor, inconsiderate and "jobsworth" approach to your customers, as highlighted below, is something they could easily address.


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  1. To be fair to South Eastern, it would've cost no one in the queue anything to turn round after they'd tried to use it and announce to everyone behind 'It isn't taking cards'. Perhaps that they didn't reflects on modern life.