Friday, 15 August 2014

Don't knock on too many doors!

Discussion with an angry member about our recent by-election loss. 

Angry member: We delivered too many leaflets and knocked on too many doors. 
Me: "
We delivered the same number of leaflets as the opposition" 
Angry member: So you don't deny we knocked on too many doors!
Me: "We canvassed every house and called back on the outs."
Angry member: Precisely. We overdid it, that's why we lost.
Me: "Who says we overdid it?"
Angry member: Everyone!!!
Me: "Such as?"
Angry member: Well, lots of people
Me: "OK, interestingly our vote went up from 33% to 36%, I would have thought the share would declined if we had angered everyone?"


Angry member: That's just a statistic. We still delivered too many leaflets, there's no denying it. 

1 comment:

  1. some people never get it do they?
    Sad thing is they are our real challenge not Nigel or Ed