Wednesday, 6 August 2014

But what do you actually do....?

Many years ago local councils had Committee Chairmen, who had specific responsibilities. I remember there was a Housing Committee Chairman, an Education Committee Chairman, a Planning Committee Chairman, a Social Services Committee Chairman and so on...   It seemed to work. 

A chap visited the office today to sign up locally, having recently moved here from London. Previously he was a councillor and a "Deputy Cabinet Member" in a blue chip London council. I enquired what his portfolio was. 

Apparently, he was...

"Deputy Cabinet Member for Clean Air, Bio-Diversity, Parks,
Gardens and Open Spaces and Community Tsar for Well Being
and the Big Society."

"But what did you actually do?" I asked.  He looked perplexed. "To be honest, I'm not quite sure." 

A bit like the councillor I met at a recent event who proudly gave me his business card, which announced that he was the Cabinet Member for "Social Uplift, Inclusion and Outreach."

I cannot help but think it all ran better when we had people with proper jobs and proper job titles!

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