Tuesday, 5 August 2014

And we're off !

We are packing 20,000 envelopes today and a further 20,000 tomorrow - here is the first morning team working in Paddock Wood. We've already had "Andrew on his knees scrubbing" jokes, we've revisited the problems associated with dry envelope flaps and a new volunteer has spoken about the reason she was only married once is most men cannot multi-task. 

Today's teams are packing Tonbridge & Malling's and Chatham & Aylesford's Activist Recruitment Campaign mailshot - and it is good to see four Associations working together, in the knowledge that the same help will be forthcoming when their Association's literature is due to be packed. Teamwork at it's best!

The morning packing team at Paddock Wood - Bills Hills, David Elliott, David Cure, Sarah Barker,
Sonia Williams, Sue Nuttall, Janet Sergison, Vivian Branson and Howard Rogers handing around the doughnuts!
And here is the afternoon team - looking a little bit hot and bothered after a long day.

The afternoon packing team: Jon Botton, Ben Elks, Andrew Kennedy, David Cure, Peter Bolt, Susan Potter, Owen Baldock,
Chris Baldock, Mary Bowden and Bryan Potter.
And this is team three working in Aylesford with Tracey Crouch!

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