Thursday, 21 August 2014

À la recherche du votes perdu

À la recherche du votes perdu

I would like to thank Director of Paperclips, Jon Botten, for nicely capturing the mood with the above clandestine photograph taken earlier this evening. We were out (the 'we' being Jon, Matt and me) delivering Tom Tugendhat's latest mailing to homes in Borough Green and Tonbridge. As we were the night before - and the night before that, too, ably supported by our Deputy Chaiman (Political) Matt Dickins, Council Leader Nicolas Heslop and local activists Frixos Tombolis, Vivian Branson and Michael Payne. 

Some of our more spikey members are prone to remind us that we are paid whilst they are volunteers, which is of course true. It is worth remembering however that the three paid staff all work significantly more than our paid / contracted hours, and we do so willingly and without complaint. In fact every evening meeting, campaign session, phone bank, training day or Saturday Action Day happen in "unpaid time" as none of us claim overtime or time off in lieu - so yes, we do our fair share of volunteering too!

So a big "thank you" to Jon and Matt who so often go above and beyond the call of duty for the Party. 

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