Friday, 22 August 2014

Battle scars

Lunch today with a colleague, and time spent showing each other our battle scars following fierce encounters with voters and activists. He trumped my tales with his encounter with a Frosty Faced Secretary from twenty years ago, when he first tried to join his local Association:

Frosty Faced Secretary: Yes, what do you want?

"Oh hello, could you put me in touch with the branch Chairman of Barchester ward please?"

Frosty Faced Secretary: Why on earth have you come in here to ask me that?
"Well, I have just moved here and I would like to join my local branch."

Frosty Faced Secretary: What? You want to join Barchester branch? Really?! Why?

"As I said, I have just moved here and I want to get involved."

Frosty Faced Secretary: You don't want to join Barchester, join the branch next door.

"But I don't live there, I would quite like to join the branch where I live."

Frosty Faced Secretary: The ward next door is marginal, that's where you should join.

"Can't I join where I live and simply work next door - quite happy to work where needed, but I would like to join where I live."

Frosty Faced Secretary: Well, you sound very argumentative. I don't have time for this - please come back at another time when I'm less busy.

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