Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Conservative Mugs!

Confusion reigned in West Kent Towers this morning when we received two cheques, each for £20.00, and both making reference to "we look forward to receiving our limited edition mug."

A quick Google search uncovered this email from CCHQ

Fortunately, having brought five Associations into one office, including the contents of five office kitchen cupboards, we too have an enormous number of (mainly chipped and tarnished) mugs we wish to get rid of. 

I have now put our Office Manager and our Intern to work creating our own "exclusive range" of West Kent Conservative Party mugs, each lovingly hand crafted and unique. What's more, our range is "eco friendly" as your purchase will save them from landfill.

Our mugs are available at just £10 each (complete with artist signature) or a set (unmatching) of six for just £30. 

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