Thursday, 7 August 2014

BBQ Wars

Two of our branches, with a history of inter-Association rivalry, have booked competing barbecues on the same day.  This has resulted in a bit of a frenzy. Each branch claims they had booked theirs first and are therefore refusing to cancel. As a consequence, we have a bit of a battle for the hearts and stomachs of the membership.  Branch A has reduced their ticket price to appeal to those living in "times of austerity". Branch B hit back with "you clearly get what you pay for", implying anyone attending the Branch A event will be served Tesco Value burgers. I am sitting on the sidelines, refusing to get involved. 

This morning, however, events took a turn for the worse.

One of the organisers of the Branch A event called the office and spoke to Jon (who as Office Manager is in charge of tickets and advertising). Jon was told, with absolute certainty, that the Branch B BBQ had been cancelled due to lack of support, and could he therefore circulate an email advising members of this and confirming that tickets were still available for the Branch A BBQ. 

Jon, being a kindly and trusting soul, was just about to hit send when I intervened. 

"Are you sure the Branch B event has been cancelled, Jon? I'd email and check if I were you."  I said, imagining the carnage and recriminations if we had been "misinformed". 

Just as well we did. Within 30 minutes of emailing Branch B to check we received this reply:

"You don't think there was a touch of espionage, do you?"  "I am sure it was a genuine misunderstanding, Jon." I replied, confidently. 


  1. Pet peeve alert: You write:

    " ... inferring anyone attending ... "

    when you should have written:

    " ... implying anyone attending ... ".

    1. Thank you, Tim. I have corrected my error!