Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dishonourable behaviour

I have just read a very moving and thoughtful blog by a former Greenwich Borough Councillor, Nigel Fletcher - who lost his seat in the London-wide pro Labour swing on 22 May this year. Well worth a read. See HERE
I am always conscious of the human cost for defeated candidates of all parties. The reality is that most (though not all) lose, not because they have failed or have been a bad councillor, but because of the regional swing or the fact the other side had more resources or a better GOTV operation.

I am a bit of a political bruiser - but I wouldn't dream of producing a leaflet post election and sticking the boot into a councillor who has just lost his or her seat. That's not just poor politics - but just cheap and unnecessary behaviour.

As many a surprised Labour or LibDem councillor will confirm, I actually make a point of seeking them out privately after the declaration to check they are OK and to wish them well. Nor am I afraid to do so publicly - as below:

And even when we lose, I try to be fair

And even in our Thank You leaflets (delivered whether we win or lose) I insist on the inclusion of a brief message acknowledging the work of the opposition candidates and their supporters:

I really do believe that the overwhelming majority of people become local councillors because they want to do their best for their local community. Politics and elections can be brutal - sticking in the knife after defeat really isn't nice or necessary.

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