Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Two become three! Welcoming Matt Boughton to the West Kent Team.

UPDATED - see below!

We were delighted to welcome our full time intern Matt Boughton to the West Kent team today.

Matt is actually seconded to Tom Tugendhat's Parliamentary Campaign (in fact, his salary is being covered by a donation specifically given for this purpose). However, he is a welcome addition to our team and will be a huge asset to both Tom's campaign and the office. 

Matt will be well-known to many local members as he has been a successful Chairman of Kent CF for the last 18 months, overseeing the growth in branches and activists across the county. Matt has just completed his course at University of Sussex, reading politics. 

Welcome Matt - good to have you on board!

I am grateful to Mr Steve Bell, Senior Vice President of the National Party, for this helpful addition to this blog post.

"Good luck Matt, you'll need it...

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  1. We know Matt well from his time at Sussex University. He will be a great asset to your team. Congratulations to Matt, and to you for bagging him!