Friday, 16 May 2014

I am appalled that the agent has not responded to my email...

Ring ring, ring ring......

Matt Boughton: "West Kent Conservative Campaign Headquarters, how can I help..."

My name is Councillor Fred Barchester (not real name) and I am telephoning to say that I am appalled, I shall repeat that, APPALLED, that the agent had not responded to my very urgent email sent yesterday, nor the two reminders I sent earlier today. 

(Out of interest, why do some councillors insist on calling themselves "Councillor" when none of my Lords or Knights do?)

Matt Boughton: "I am sorry, which email address did you send it to? I am sure if he had received it he would have replied..."

I sent it to  In total I have sent about five emails, and none have received a reply. I am not too happy about this new office arrangement - totally inefficient. 

Matt Boughton: "That's the problem Mr Barchester, you have sent it to the wrong email address. It's .com not .org - that would explain it."

Well, he still hasn't replied.

Matt Boughton: "Probably because he didn't receive it."

Your just making excuses for his inefficiency. Click. 

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