Thursday, 29 May 2014

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner. They're not laughing now!

In 2012 Kent Conservatives, in an open a democratic process, selected Craig Mackinlay as their candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner. 

In his acceptance speech Craig said, 

"I would like to thank Conservative Party members for this honour. 
If elected I will bring a simplicity, transparency and honesty to the role. I will work to bring policing back to the community. I will work alongside the Chief Constable to ensure we no longer ignore people who report crime in order to reduce the crime statistics. And most importantly of all, I will work with communities which are blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour.  
Why do I want this job? Because I am from an area of North Kent which has too often been affected by crime. I live in Chatham Town Centre and see at first hand just how such behaviour affects people's lives, and as a magistrate on the North Kent Bench I see the cost of crime, both on individuals and communities.  I also represent a ward in central Chatham which has one of the highest crime rates in Kent, including drug abuse and prostitution.   
I believe in zero tolerance policing, but that is not enough. We need to work with local councils, agencies, health providers and support agencies to ensure once people are taken away from crime, they have the training, support and rehabilitation they need to become active and valued members of society again. Just as we have achieved on the streets of Chatham. 
Basically I am on the side of the silent majority. The silent majority who work hard, respect the rules and pay their fair share."

How the Kent "establishment" laughed. 

How could the Conservative Party have selected someone with such simple messages, and someone from Chatham to boot. Instead they backed Mrs Barnes.

They're not laughing now. 


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  1. Thelma Huggett29 May 2014 at 10:55

    We'll all be watching her making a fool of herself tonight on Channel 4.