Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dry flaps and damp dogs

Hot on the heels of the Election Fairy, I have just over-heard the following gem...

Today's packing team: Owen Baldock, Chris Baldock, Vivian Branson, Brenni Wilson, Barbara Cobbold and Bill Hills.
Out of photo: David Cure, Thelma Huggett, David Godfrey, Glynis Coates and Gill Levine

Packer #1 : I do like these new envelopes he has given us.

Packer #2 : Yes, they look a bit pricey, though.

Packer #1 : Last week they had very dry flaps. Made the job very difficult.

Packer #3
: Not as bad as the envelopes we used last Cristmas - there was no moisture at all.

Packer #1 : Mustn't complain, at least the office doesn't smell of damp dog and fag smoke like the old days. 

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