Monday, 26 May 2014

The next moves forward!

The period immediately following a hard fought election can be difficult for me, as I have previously blogged. The sudden sense of anti-climax, the removal of the goals which have driven me on for months and re-adjustment to "civilian life" can be a challenge. Even on Saturday morning, after 40 hours without sleep, my body clock woke me up at 5am and I found myself reaching for my Blackberry (sad bugger!)

Re-motivating myself (and the team) can also be difficult. The sense of urgency and immediacy, which has dominated our work for months, drains away. As dedicated as we are, completing 38 sets of election expenses is not as much fun as putting together a last minute leaflet or working towards a looming print deadline. The job gets done of course - but it needs a lot of discipline not to put it off "just until tomorrow".

I deal with this hiatus by having a plan in place to enable us to "hit the ground running" - so this week, having dealt with the Summer Raffle (five constituencies worth) and sending to print 30,000 "thank you for voting Conservative" leaflets, we will be launching our Summer Campaign. This will be a mailshot to approximately 10,000 targets in each of our five Associations (so 50,000 in total) aimed at recruiting new delivery helpers, poster sites and clerical helpers to supplement our teams as we prepare for 2015.

As always, I will publish samples of what we do on this blog.

And, of course, with all out elections (in Tonbridge & Malling and Medway) co-terminus with the GE (and thirds in Maidstone and TW - as well as three political town councils) we will also need to manage the selection, recruitment and training of (wait for it) 185 local government candidates.

And we also have our Eastbourne 40:40 Campaign Day a week on Saturday. Still places available if you'd like to join our charabanc to the seaside!  See HERE!

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