Sunday, 11 May 2014

One swallow does not a summer make, but two UKIP-ers returning home might be the first signs of spring.

At the start of this campaign the local Conservative leadership in Tunbridge Wells agreed that we should fight a wholly positive campaign, regardless of the attacks from the opposition and negativity of UKIP. 

One swallow does not a summer make, but two emails on the day we started delivering our main election leaflet might indicate that we have struck the right tone. 

First off was this from a local candidate fighting a marginal ward:

"Ten minutes later the phone rang for the second time.  A local resident who introduced himself as retired wanted me to know that he has been rather disillusioned with politics in recent years and had switched his support from the Conservatives to UKIP.  Then came the good news.  He wanted me to know that "the conservative leaflet that was put through his door earlier today was the best and most professional  election material he had seen in his entire life".   He went on to say that "having read every word about the positive things that the conservatives had been doing locally and about you as my local candidate  I have decided to vote conservative again. You have my vote".

It just proves that it is not too late to get people to change their mind and vote for us - if we can get our positive message across - and he is right; what you have developed for us is outstanding."

Then this email, sent to the Association's email address this morning:

"I thought you may wish to know that following reading your leaflet we (thats my wife and me) steamed open our post vote and changed back from UKIP to Conservative though we have still voted UKIP for Europe. We were not very happy with the tone of UKIPs leaflets which we found were very aggressive. The work our local councillor has done on Cornford Lane and the positive messages in your leaflets won us back over. But please tell David Cameron that he needs to do more to convince people like us that we really will get our vote on Europe as we want out."


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  1. We can only be ourselves and have faith that voters will respond to our belief. If we're correct they will see sense. If we're wrong we were honestly wrong and did the best with what we had.