Saturday, 28 February 2015

A moving and emotional end to a busy week

At home in time to eat with my partner for the first time this week, after six days of the most varied, frantic and exciting events of the 2015 election campaign. Here is a summary of what the West Kent Towers team got through this week. 

 Team Tom sets off to canvass the residents of Tonbridge

Monday: 325 items of post and 720 VIs captured. 14 ward newsletters sent to print. F72H campaigns finalised in three constituencies.  Meeting with Maidstone & The Weald Association candidates to agree and sign-off local campaign plans.

Tuesday: 182 items of post and 400 VIs. Briefing with 8 late-selected LG candidates. Lunch with donor. Faversham & Mid Kent Parliamentary selection. 

 With modertor, Rob Hayward, preparing for the Faversham & Mid Kent Parliamentary Selection Meeting

Wednesday: 420 items of post and almost 1,500 VIs. Accept delivery of window posters, letterheads and rosettes. Hire a van and pick up 55,000 Residents Surveys' and deliver them to T&M candidates for delivery this weekend. Drop-off 30,000 Residents' Surveys at fulfilment house for Tunbridge Wells. 

Thursday: 155 items of post. 350 VIs. Commence printing 7,200 Fighting Fund letters. Sign off a further 14 local newsletters.  Send three constituencies-worth of EA1 to print. Send templates for EA2 to parliamentary candidates. Start work on templates for EA3.  Sign contract with fulfilment house. Trial run (successfully) "Haywards Macro", a bespoke macro written for me by my amazing friend, Dr John Hayward, which sorts 75,000 names on an electoral roll and places them into different tabs depending on number of occupants of each household. 

Friday:  240 items of post and 450 VIs. Start work on local government manifesto template. Design F72H leaflet. Accept delivery of correx boards. Attend Maidstone Association AGM. 

Saturday: Attend T&M AGM with a magnificent and moving farewell speech by Sir John Stanley MP after 41 years outstanding service to constituency and country. Organise four canvassing teams (35 people total); additional canvassing / delivery teams in C&A, TW and Maidstone.  Pop into Tonbridge school to finalise Nicholas Soames event. Lunch with parliamentary candidate and helpers. 

 "For forty-one years as your MP including some very difficult and trying times as a Minister,
the friendship and loyalty of the members of this Association have been my strength,
my own Rock of Gibraltar. I could not have asked for any more."

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