Thursday, 12 February 2015

D-83 in photographs

On way way to work I stopped off for a meeting with the printer and saw a further
50,000 Residents' Surveys about to be dispatched to the fulfillment house. 
And despite signing off the artwork at 10pm last night, the first of the GE window posters were
rolling off the press. Outstanding service from our print partner, Jason Allen at DA Printers of Rochester. 

By 9.30am the first of today's volunteers had taken-up residence at the packing tables. 
The fabulous Vivian Branson, who is one of a new team of ten volunteer Data Capturers,
who are working in shifts to keep on top of the workload. This week we have captured over 1,000 VIs per day!
Nice to welcome Adam Holloway MP to West Kent Towers, who popped into see our Data Management operation. His pale bare legs in tight shorts (hidden from the camera) were quite a distraction for our packers!

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