Sunday, 8 February 2015

Widdy Wows West Kent

We have just waived goodbye to always popular Ann Widdecombe, now heading back to her home to Devon, after a day of fund raising activity which has raised over £6,000 for Party funds in West Kent.  

A series of events, at just £10 or £20 per person, were packed to the rafters as our local members and supporters turned out in droves to hear Ann speak and to raise money for the election campaign. At today's event - a set lunch in the excellent Gurkas Brother Nepalese restaurant in Chatham, raised over £3,000 (including £2,000 bid for days out on my Dutch Barge on the River Medway). 

There are just a few politicians whose reputation and popularity transcend normal party political boundaries; Ann Widdecombe is one of those people. At today's events we had as many non-members attending as paid-up Conservatives; and she left them wanting more. To those who have only heard her in parliament she is, in the flesh, more humorous, self-deprecating and charming than people expect. It was a pleasure to welcome her back to Kent. 

A formidable double-act: Ann Widdecombe and Tracey Crouch answering questions at today's lunch
An equally formidable double act - Janet Sergison and Vivian Branson; the best raffle tickets sellers in Kent
Wonderful selection of delicious Nepalese food from our friends at Chatham's Gurkas Brother Restaurant,
owned, managed and run by retired members of the Brigade of Gurkas, who settled locally
after their service in the British Army.

Almost 100 guests attended today's lunch

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