Sunday, 1 February 2015

155,000 Voter ID Surveys going to print this week

This week we will be sending to print 155,000 Residents' Surveys. As everything we do in West Kent, these will be sent jointly from the parliamentary and the local council candidates.

Across the four constituencies participating in this project we will be designing 65 different versions of the survey - one for each council ward. Yes, this creates an enormous amount of additional work, and yes it would be much faster and simpler to have one constituency-wide survey from the MP/PPC. However, our local councillors, candidates and MPs / PPCs have a proud tradition of supporting each other and working together. In the months leading to Thursday 7 May we need everyone working towards a common goal - the maximum Conservative Party vote for all Conservative Party candidates. 

Our councillors want a Conservative MP and a Conservative Government. Our Parliamentary candidates want Conservative Councils and Conservative councillors. We recognise that the best way to achieve this is a common campaign with everyone working together for victory.

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