Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Poor old Matt

Spare a thought for our poor intern, Matt Boughton.

After a hard day at the office Matt joined Tom Tugendhat and the team on the doorsteps of Tonbridge tonight. It was an office night out, as they were campaigning in support of Jon Botten in Medway ward, where he is one of our local candidates. 

At one house an elderly lady answered who proudly told Matt that she was 92 "and I have never voted anything other than Conservative." Having secured a pledge of support for May he thanked her and turned away. 

 "Hang on one moment", she said, pointing at the bundle of calling cards in Matt's hand, "you haven't given me one of those" .  Matt handed over a card with Tom's and our local candidates' photographs upon it. "He's quite a dish, isn't he?" she said. Matt nodded awkwardly, not wanting to confirm that he also thought his boss was "a dish".  "Did I read he was in the Army?"  Matt confirmed that he was. Then without a hint of embarrasment or hesitation, she poked a wrinkled arthritic finger firmly into Matt's tummy... "I must say you're a bit porky, aren't you - six months in the army would do you good too. Close the gate behind you.

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