Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The elderly voter who speaks for us all !

Chatham and Aylesford activists deliver a quarterly MP / Councillor newsletter to every house in the constituency, and once a year we like to include a light-hearted competition, such as a "word search" or "spot the difference" or "can you identify this building" etc. I dare say some of our more high-minded politicians may scorn such lowly endeavours, but each competition attracts several hundred responses, people seem to enjoy participating and it certainly does no harm. It also shows us where there are holes in our delivery network, as the response rates are so high it is easy to spot the gaps!

January's newsletter contained a Wordsearch for the 17 towns, villages or hamlets within the constituency boundary, and to help us select the winners we included a tie break question:

"I want Tracey Crouch to continue as our MP because...."

We've already had several hundred responses, but one arrived this morning which caused great amusement.

And so say all of us !

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