Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ten political hypocrisies

1. Why do so many people who demand a nice affordable home for their child or grandchild, almost always object when new homes are proposed in their village?

2. Why is it OK for an MP to be a Minister (which is a second job) but not OK for an MP to be a doctor or pursue other interests?

3. I wonder if all those people who complain about immigration changing our culture ever eat curry, pizza or noodles?

4. Do all those people who think the private sector should have no involvement in public service provision really believe their weekly shopping experience would be enhanced if the government ran every supermarket with no choice of brands or shops?

5. How can anyone who cheered and celebrated the success of our elite athletes at the Olympics, achieving what they did through specialist training and development, then oppose grammar schools offering the same opportunities for our academic elite?

6. If increasing taxes on tobacco is supposed to discourage people smoking, isn't it also true that increasing taxes on wages will discourage people earning? 

7. Why do the people who complain most loudly about politics and politicians never join political parties to help bring about change?

8. Why is it that we oppose state control of media in various dictatorships yet in the UK have a hypothecated tax to finance our own state controlled broadcasting company?

9. Is it right that basic rate taxpayers, many struggling to make ends meet, should pay higher taxes to cover care home fees so that wealthy children can inherit their parents' estate?

10. I wonder if all those who move to Costa del Sol complaining that "immigration is ruining our country" ever wonder how the Spanish must feel when their local villages are turned into ghettos by gin, golf and "all day breakfast" ex-pats, many of whom don't speak a word of Spanish?

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