Saturday, 28 March 2015

D-40 Live Blog

9.00am Heading off around West Kent to visit our amazing volunteers on the street stalls in all the major shopping centres and villages, no doubt meeting up with our parliamentary and local government candidates en route. Thanks to my partner Steve Browning for chauffeuring me (even if he did say it was like "Driving Miss Daisy"). First stop my local newsagent to buy a bag full of chocolate bars to thank the helpers!

10.00am  Great to meet Greg Clark and West Kent Chairman William Rutherford at the Paddock Wood Street Stall, ably organised by branch Chairman, Richard Jeffryes. Also present are our two Borough candidates Sarah Hamilton and Claire Stewart. Paddock Wood have located their stall directly outside Costa Coffee and have a constant supply of hot drinks. Wise move !

10.45am: A brief stop to thank the team outside Royal Victoria Shopping Centre in Tunbridge Wells (below) who have erected a gazebo!  Great to see local candidates David Elliott (Southborough North), Peter Oakford (St Johns) and Alex Lewis-Grey (Culverden) along with Bob Backhouse, Matthew Dickins and Liam Keeble.

11.15am Next stop Rusthall in the Tunbridge Wells constituency where a double local election allows us the opportuniity to rid the Borough of its two UKIP councillors. Great to see our two fabulous candidates Thelma Huggett and Joy Podbury. 

12noon  Arrived in Tonbridge where we have two stalls - one either end of the High Street. The first is being run by our local council candidates Jon Botten, Ben Elks and Russell Lancaster and is located in Botany (cue feeble joke about Botten and Botany). 

The other stall is on the bridge, next to the Christian Faith Healers!

Whilst Tom Tugendhat and Matt Boughton march up and down the High Street mmeeting shoppers and residents.  

Next stop Kings Hill

12.45pm At Kings Hill to thank local candidates Piers Montague and Lee O'Toole who have distributed an amazing 2,000 leaflets outside Asda. Thanks also to one of our office stalwarts, Janet Sergison, who helped set-up and run the stall. Next stop West Malling to rendezvous with Association Chairman, Jacques Arnold.


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