Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tractor Production Is Up

Whenever I get over-excited about some random technical aspect of my job, such as the latest use of CMYK codes or a new innovative folding machine, my long suffering partner has a cutting sentence which quickly puts me back into my box. "Tractor Production is Up". I suspect this is one of those moments - but I was ridiculous excited to spend an hour at our fulfilment house a few days ago watching the various stages of our first quarter of a million GE newsletters roll off the presses.

First is this smart machine which lasers on the addresses - but it doesn't just laser the address - it prints them two-up and automatically batches them into Royal Mail Delivery Rounds by scanning the postcodes. 

Next they are hand-trimmed in a guillotine which cuts 1,000 sheets at a time.

And finally the folding end of the operation - once again the machine reading the postcodes and sending a signal at the end of each road or postal sector, enabling them to be bundled into delivery routes ready for Royal Mail. 

1 comment:

  1. Tractor production is up? Well you have the Ministry of Plenty to thank for that. And, en plus, the chocolate ration will soon be increased from 30 grams/week to 20. Isn't Socialism wonderful?