Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What a strange way to run a political party!

A colleague who once supported Labour but has since "seen the light" still receives Labour Party emails, which he kindly forwards to me. The following bizarre correspondence arrived in his inbox yesterday. I suppose with many candidates turning down Blair's millions they need to raise money somehow.
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSent: 10/03/2015 18:41:08 GMT Standard TimeSubj: I ❤ Labour

Hi xxxx — my name is David Cameron. I'm launching a fundraising campaign for Labour today and I need your help. Read on...

The good news: I'm not currently prime minister of the United Kingdom. I'm actually a Labour member from Glasgow.

The better news: I'm doing all I can to kick my namesake out of Number 10, and I think it'd be really funny if David Cameron (me) helped Labour raise £24,000 in the next 24 hours to get rid of David Cameron (prime minister).

I think I'll call it "David Cameron's £24k for Labour (in 24 hours) Challenge."

Xxxxxxx, can you chip in a few quid to help hit our target? Whatever you can afford — it takes two minutes to donate:

All donations will help Labour win the election — and when we win, we'll get a brand new government, with good ideas such as raising the minimum wage, getting rid of the Bedroom Tax and scrapping exploitative zero-hours contracts.

And in return, I will be able to show my driving licence without someone taking the mickey out of me.

So, help David Cameron (me) get David Cameron (prime minister) out of Number 10. Donate to "David Cameron's £24k for Labour (in 24 hours) Challenge" now!

Thank you,

David Cameron
Labour member from Glasgow (not Tory leader)
 Reproduced from an email sent by the Labour Party, promoted by Iain McNicol on behalf of the Labour Party both at One Brewer's Green, London SW1H 0RH.

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