Saturday, 7 June 2014

West Kent Goes to the Seaside

West Kent provided a coachload of volunteers to assist our excellent candidate in Eastbourne, Caroline Ansell, this morning. Around 30 Kent campaigners and friends joined colleagues from Mid Sussex, and local Eastbourne members, for what Caroline confirmed to be her largest ever campaign day. In total over 60 campaigners were on the doorsteps of Willingdon.

Caroline Ansell joined the coach just outside the constituency to thank the helpers and provide a detailed briefing about the ward and local issues.

The days activities were efficiently and professionally organised by their Agent, Tom Liddiard. Helpers were warmly greeted, briefed and promptly dispatched with canvass packs, maps and leaflets. Local drivers were on stand-by to each take three 'outsiders' to pre-defined canvass areas, thus avoiding wasted time navigating around an unknown town. It was a super operation; as well planned as I have ever seen

West Kent at its finest: En route home I splashed out on Tesco Finest Prosecco in disposable plastic cups to thank the team!   

Thank you to all our local members and friends who came; Tom Tugendhat, Sophie Shrubsole, Michael Payne, Jenny Cooper, Matthew Dickins, Mark Rhodes, William Rutherford, Edmund Hastie, Bob Backhouse, Thelma Huggett , Adrian Gulvin, Mike Franklin, Kathy Doody, Steven King, Tim and Mary Streater, Andrew Kennedy, Jon Botten and Matthew Boughton, Nick Brice, Brian and Sylvia Griffin, Phil Thomas, Mike Neal and Matthew Plummer Matthew Plummer.

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