Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Eastbourne Mea Culpa

One of my favourite plays is Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy, a dark comedy based around the life and loves of a New York Drag Queen and his feisty relationship with his very Jewish mother. In the third act, following the biggest row of all, the main character (Arnold) says,

"Did you say Oops.....?
"Oops" is when you fall down an elevator shaft.
"Oops" is when you skinny-dip, with piranha.
"Oops" is when you accidentally douche with Draino. 
This was no "Oops". this was "Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh."

They could add a third line....

"Oops is when you stupidly leave two of your hardest working activists behind in Eastbourne and don't notice they're missing until (please don't laugh) Little Dicker."

Tom Tugendhat captured the moment I realised my mistake and kindly shared it with the world on his Twitter feed (cheers Thomas!).
It was a dreadful mistake, and I am grateful to Tim and Mary Streater for taking it so well. I am also grateful to Toby Illingworth for picking up the Streaters and bringing them to the where the coach was parked to rejoin us.

My humble apologies to all concerned. 

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