Friday, 20 June 2014

Anyone fancy going into business manufacturing hamster bedding?

A long retired European MP has just been on the phone to inform me that he is moving house, and to ask if the West Kent Office would like to offer a home to his extenesive collection of the European Parliamentary equivalent of Hansard. 

Apparently he has the full set, from the first debate of the European Parliament (in 1979) to date.  

The only thing which could have possibly made the offer more appealing was if he had told me that were written in Esperanto.  

Sadly with West Kent Towers being somewhat bijou we hardly have room for Matt the Intern, let alone 17,000 volumes about Cod Liver Oil Directives. 

If any reader has a large number of wobbly tables which need propping up, or if you require a quantity of doorstops, kindling for camp fires - or if anyone has a spare shredding machine and would like to go into business making hamster bedding - get in touch. I know a man who can help you. 

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