Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Any Other Competent Business

Last night's meeting of the Tonbridge & Malling Local Government Committee was an example of the Conservative Party at its best. 

It began with a twenty five minute row about who would take the minutes. 

  • Mrs L would have taken the minutes, but she was reluctant to do so as she is deaf and thought she would miss something important.
  • Mr B offered to take the minutes, but as he has submitted an application form to become a candidate, he wouldn't be allowed to do so. 
  • Mr G didn't think he should take the minutes as he didn't want to be known as a Conservative in public.
  • Mr B was already over committed as Secretary of the Village Flower Show.
  • In the end, Mr R agreed, but on the basis it was for a trial period to see how it worked out - and only if he could be referred to as Interim Hon Secretary, as he didn't want people to assume he would do it for ever. 
On that basis, and already 30 minutes into the minutes, we started on the rules and procedures, which surprisingly didn't cause any rows at all. 

Towards the end of the meeting the next stage was being discussed - this would be the meeting when incumbents were to be assessed to see if they should go back onto the Approved List. Obviously at this point councillors seeking re-approval and any new applicants awaiting approval have to declare an interest and not participate in the interviews. I was asked to go around the table and indicate which members could attend which section of the next round - which I did. 

Having done so, our very 'establishment' Chair announced (in all innocence) "right, those of you who have been fingered by the agent need to be available on 8 July". 

There was a variety of snorting, chuckling and biting of lips from the usual suspects, until Cllr Balfour broke the ice with, "I didn't see that under Any Other Business."

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