Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Beyond absurd

Rumour has reached me that one of our local 'independent' councillors is about to resign.

Why ?

Well, if the story is to be believed (and I have now had it confirmed by three different sources) he objected to how one of the other "independent" councillors voted at the Annual Council meeting last week and has decided to quit as a consequence.

Now perhaps I am wrong, but the clue is in the title. "Independent". If you are elected as an "independent" surely that is what you are; independent. If you have a group policy, or threaten to resign when other "independents" don't do as you want them to, people might just start to think that you are not as "independent" as you claim. Particularly if you won your traditionally Conservative seat as an "independent" with the LibDems failing to field a candidate against you. Just like Mrs Barnes.

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