Wednesday, 26 March 2014

West Kent D - 4 (in glorious technicolor)

If you have ever wondered what 25 years of accumulated political detritus looks like, look no further. And this is just from one room's worth! I am not quite sure why we have 11 fan heaters, I suspect they have been donated over the years and no-one has ever thrown them out. 

And whilst clearing the darkest corners of the upstairs junk room, we found all these half-full bottles, hidden away behind a long-disused raffle ticket drum.  I am not sure if one of my predecessors had a fondless for a secret tipple, but if so they had strange tastes; peach schnapps, sweet sherry, Lemonchello and casis. Quite a party! 

Meanwhile, a trip to the new West Kent Towers to see how it was looking found nine tradespeople all working hard to make it ship-shape for our imminent arrival. 

Here is the new luxurious penthouse office suite which will house the West Kent Apparatchiks:

...and here is our state-of-the-art IT Hub and Comms Room housing the latest election winning technologies:

But all good things come to an end - and I think this picture poignantly sums it up more than words. 

I will genuinely miss these cramped, cold, rickety offices, up a narrow staircase, above the hairdressers and opposite the kebab shop in West Malling. We have achieved some outstanding things from these small rooms, but things change and life moves on. We must change with them, or be left behind. 

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