Sunday, 23 March 2014

Confidence and determination at Tunbridge Wells Campaign Meeting

It was great to sit down with our 2014 Local Government candidates in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday and go through campaign plans for the next eight weeks. Greg Clark MP opened the meeting and spoke enthusiastically about the campaign ahead. Despite his responsibilities as MP, Minister and to his family, Greg's commitment to doorstep campaigning cannot be faulted. He is out every weekend with the local teams, knocking or doors and delivering newsletters; an example to many MPs in marginal seats. 

The atmosphere at the meeting was upbeat. A favourable response to the budget, UKIPs poll ratings in decline and ours rising to parity with Labour, and a strong local record to promote filled our candidates with quiet optimism and determination.

Tunbridge Wells Conservative Candidates for 2014 local elections
listen intently to Greg Clark MP at Saturday's Strategy Meeting

Association Deputy Chairman  Campaigning, David Elliott,
with St John's ward candidate Nasir Jamil

Candidates and Ward Organisers makes notes as Council Leader, David Jukes, outlines the 2014 Manifesto

Tunbridge Wells Council Leader, David Jukes

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