Sunday, 16 March 2014

This week's weight loss - or not, as the case may be :(

A disappointing week this week - with no weight loss whatsoever (though - no gain either!). What is really disappointing is I have had a very good week (diet-wise) with no lapses or bad meals. In fact, in terms of calorific intake, I have been below target every day - so I am surprised not to have recorded a loss. 

Anyway - onwards and upwards!


  1. William Rutherford17 March 2014 at 08:32

    Forget the weight loss - I am worried that you have lost 1.5" in height! Are you getting enough calcium...

  2. The vertical shrinkage, as opposed to the circumferential, is slightly concerning! As for the slowdown you have exceeded sensible weight loss rates consistently for quite a while and your body is now fighting back. You have lost something like 1.75kg a week for three months when a sustainable rate would be more like 250g.