Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Our Chairmen Exposed as never before!

Last year I Blogged about a local member who was one of the country's leading criminal graphologists. Now retired, he spends his time using his skills to raise money for charities and good causes. Recently he was performing at a fundraising dinner at the Grosvenor House, and raised £5,000 for the charity concerned.

A year ago he fairly accurately analysed my own handwriting (see HERE) and over the years he has raised several hundred pounds for the party by selling his skills at £20 a time! 

Last week every member received a letter, co-signed by all five West Kent Chairmen, explaining the new office arrangements and asking for support to help refurbish the new office.  This was the cue for our resident graphologist to write and tell me what he thought of our five Chairmen.

See his analysis below. I have redacted the author's contact details and also the names of each Chairman to save his blushes - though I would be interested in hearing your guesses! Three are very accurate!

(PS - they are not in alphabetical order, in case you were wondering!)


  1. That's a relief, for a second I thought they were doing a naked calendar!

    1. You've given me a good idea Stephen. We could do a "naked calendar" but ask people for donations in lieu of buying one!