Thursday, 27 March 2014

The most honest AGM minutes I have ever read!

I am just reading-through historic AGM minutes for one of the newer Associations in the West Kent Group. It's helpful to know a bit of the internal politics and history. I have just come across the following gem:

Not a lot I can add, really! 


  1. Honesty in minutes can be tricky, especially when you end up sending reams of paperwork off to the records office!

    A couple of years ago after a particularly disturbing debate about gay marriage that went on for about an hour at an AGM I decided the best course of action was to summarise the whole sorry episode as "A debate on gay marriage was held"

  2. I don't even go that far in case reading it triggers memories and they kick off again. I only ever record decisions. A 40 minute speech on world affairs by the MP appears as "Sir Bufton Tufton addressed the meeting."