Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pity the CCHQ Merlin Helpdesk

Jon and I are struggling to bring one Association's membership records into some semblance of order (I won't say which Association - but I suspect this could apply to many of them!)

Attached to one member's record, in the 'notes' section, is the following:

"I emailed Merlin Helpdesk about this as I entered £75 subscription in error. Of this £75.00, £17.50 should be allocated to her branch for the Afternoon Tea ticket - and the £75.00 also includes £22 which needs to be reimbursed to Judy who bought the sultana scones."

Just imagine you are the poor bloke on the helpdesk - and you receive 200 messages like the one above each day! is it any wonder the hide under their desks when the phones ring?

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