Saturday, 15 February 2014

What a cheek!

Peoples' rudeness and inconsideration never ceases to amaze me. 

1. Someone I don't personally know nor have ever met has just called their local councillor to obtain my private phone number, then phoned me at home on a non-working day to complain that the venue for tonight's Association Dinner wouldn't make last minute changes to the menu to accommodate his wife's preference not to eat red meat after 6pm. (The menu was sent to him 5 months ago before he booked his ticket!)

2. Someone else has emailed to say his original guest cannot come and his new guest will be (Mrs X); but can I give him an assurance that I will rewrite the place card and the seating plan so his new guest does not see the name of the woman whose place she has taken, as it might cause her offence. 

3. A third member sent me a text last night to say "I have just seen who else is sitting on my table, I know it's late but could you pop into the office on your way to the venue tomorrow and redo the seating plan." 

All three requests have been met with the response they deserved. 

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