Thursday, 13 February 2014

Can you hear me at the back!

Nigel Farage brought his one-man semi-comedic roadshow to Tunbridge Wells last evening.

Never one to underestimate his own popularity, he booked the largest venue in town; the 1000-seat Assembly Hall. Posters were displayed, flyers distributed, the press were primed and UKIPs pinstriped pamphleteers were sent out onto the streets to drum-up support for the arrival of the Messiah of Sevenoaks.

Sadly, fewer than 25% of the seats were taken. The Great Man recited one Daily Mail editorial after another to crowd more akin to a cult than a political movement.

Empty seats are nothing new to UKIP however, as seasoned watchers of the European Parliament will confirm. UKIP MEPs have one of the worst attendance records at Strasburg, claiming every penny they can, whilst seldom turning up for important votes to defend Britain's national interests. Mr Farage has one of the worst attendance records; only four MEPs rank below him.

Perhaps he is too busy shouting at empty chairs in the Home Counties to do the job he is paid for!

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