Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sir John's Book of Memories and Tributes

Many people have been in touch throughout the day asking if they could see the "Book of Memories" the Association produced and presented to Sir John Stanley at last night's dinner. 

I had some doubts about this as for two reasons:

(i) some of the contributions were personal or referred to people or issues, which the contributor may not have wanted in the public domain, and

(ii) it was technically a difficult process as it is a large hard back book and not simple to convert into a format which I could digitally publish.

However, every problem has a solution. I scanned each page then turned them into jpgs, edited the jpgs to remove tributes which were private or personal, then reconfigured the pages into a book which I published via ISSUU. Simple!  

The quality if not great (it has gone from a hardback book to online via a scanner), but readers can see what we have done and read most of the tributes. It also provides a lovely overview of the constituency, with many photographs of our lovely towns, villages and rural parishes included.  

Just in case the embedded version doesn't work properly, here is a LINK

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