Friday, 28 February 2014

An Apparatchik's Day Out

An unexpected and unplanned day off arising from several projects concluding earlier than anticipated, with a gap until the next ones begin next week. Jon kindly agreed to hold the fort whilst I had a day in London, away from Association and West Kent politics.

First off was a text from our excellent printer, Jason Allen, to ask if I wanted to see the plates about to roll on the machines. As I was literally two minutes away from his print works I popped in. 
Looking for gravy stains on the candidate's tie!

I then stopped off in Rochester to renew my car tax, whilst there bumping into a local councillor who was keen to talk about local government selection rules. "Come and have a coffee".

I then drove to West Malling to pick-up my dry cleaning and jump into the train to Victoria, narrowly avoiding a certain former MP in the carriage ahead! I did, however, find myself sitting opposite one of Labour's SE Regional Organisers - so we spent the journey gossiping about the people we both once knew!  

Walking down Victoria Street I bumped into the charming Stephen Parkinson (who ran the national NO to AV campaign and is now the Home Secretary's Special Advisor).  I then met with Matthew Plummer from Wandsworth who wanted to chat over coffee about his campaign and life in general. I left the coffee shop to walk to Borough Market - and promptly bumped into James Cleverly (London Assembly Member for Bromley). After pleasantries I walked on to Borough Market and chanced to meet a former Agent who now works for Stonewall, "I'm just about to have coffee with someone you know (naming the ex-partner of an MP we both knew) why don't you join us?  

Finally, laden with bags of exotic fruit which I could have bought for half the price in my local Waitrose, and wide-eyed with caffeine, I decided to walk back to Victoria - bumping into yet another former agent on Westminster Bridge, who now works in public affairs.

And that was my day away from politics - though I did manage to bring home so delicious monk-fish for dinner !

Introducing Tom Tugendhat to the electors of
Tonbridge & Malling

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