Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thank you Mr Tugendhat

Tonbridge & Malling's Parliamentary Candidate, Tom Tugendhat, is a great guy. 

He is committed to the constituency, wholly reliable, popular with everyone he meets, and hosts very agreeable 'strategy meetings' with his agent in very nice restaurants. Sadly, the quality of the food often results in his agent not remembering what the agreed strategy actually was.

He is also very generous and was one of the first to sponsor me for my weight loss, for which I am very grateful.  He knows I love food and appreciates the effort I am making to improve my health. 

Then, a few moments ago he emails a photograph of J Sheekey's menu (one of my favourite restaurants) with this message"what would you recommend...?"  Just what I need when my lunch today was a banana and a bottle of still water!

I would recommend fish, Mr Tugendhat - but be careful you don't choke on the bones!

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