Saturday, 1 February 2014

Greg Clark and team campaigning in Broadwater ward today

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark joined local councillors Chris Woodward and Barbara Cobbold and team of sixteen, campaigning in Broadwater ward this morning. Chris and Barbara are outstanding local councillors and have featured on this Blog several times: HERE

Greg never ceases to amaze me; as well as being a dedicated and popular constituency MP with additional Ministerial responsibilities and having a young family, he is out on the doorsteps every week - canvassing, delivering newsletters and working hard on behalf of local councillors and candidates. The large teams of volunteers who willing give up their Saturdays in all weathers are inspired by his lead; something MPs in marginal constituencies would do well to consider when planning their own weekend diaries!  

One volunteer this morning was allocated two roads with about 40 houses between them. He was a bit surprised why he had so few leaflets, until he saw the houses !

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