Monday, 24 February 2014

Declining Osmosis with an Ethiopian Albino Sea Slug!

My day began with an 8am meeting at Hadlow Manor Hotel to discuss the launch of Tom Tugendhat's Business Forum. 

Back to the office for an hour's catch-up with Jon (who brought-in a strange cloth-covered box). "What's in the box?" I enquired nonchalantly, not quite prepared for the answer. It was an Ethiopian Albino Sea Slug.  Jon whisked off the cloth with the theatrical dexterity of Debbie Magee, revealing a small fish tank containing the most ugly white slug imaginable. "Why have we got it in here?" I asked, trying not to portray my distaste at being eye-balled by a slug.
Apparently it was his girlfriends 'pet' and it was in transit.  He then tried to convince me it was "cute". This included an offer of putting it onto my hand along with some water so I could see and feel the ghastly thing drinking the water via osmosis. To be honest I could think of nothing I would less wish to do at 9.30am on a Monday than have a slimey slug sucking water off my hand.  The slug was banished to the attic (with the folding machine and Tracey Crouch's unused correx posters) along with a threat "an unplanned rendezvous with the the salt cellar".

Having gone through the days priorities and signed-off the AGM report with the T&M Chairman, it was a dash to Tunbridge Wells for coffee with a former member who has decided to become active again, and a chat on how the Association could best utilise her talents. From there it was to Tonbridge railway station to collect Tom Tugendhat for a visit to a local factory making polymers, 90% of which are exported. 

Then to Crowborough for a meeting with a donor and back to Tunbridge Wells for a Management Committee immediately followed by the Executive Council, the highlight of which was Greg Clark MP being re-adopted as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate. Finally leaving TW at 10.15pm for the hour long drive home.

As I sat in the car I glanced at my Blackberry, flashing menacingly on the seat beside me. The "unread email counter" showed 87. Something to look forward to in the morning - before I meet with the IT people who will be installing the new Phone Bank into West Kent Towers. 

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