Saturday, 11 January 2014

Weigh-in Saturday 11 January 2014

Well, it's been a week and I had my weigh-in this afternoon, and I am delighted. I have lost an amazing 15lb (that's a full stone and one further pound on top!).

Here is this weeks weigh-in slip (last week my weight was 21stone 10lb. (In case you are wondering, Steve and I went to Ramsgate to visit a shop which specialises in reclaimed theatrical lighting which we want to install onto our new boat - but that's a story for another day).

Now, before you all start saying "be careful" or "that's impossible" there are a few extenuating circumstances. Last week's weigh-in was taken directly after lunch and I was also wearing heavier clothes than I was today. I imagine this inflated last week's weight by probably 4lb. But even taking this into consideration, I have still lost 11lb, which is a real boost to my morale.

However, as anyone who has dieted will know, week one is always the easiest and I know from experience that it gets harder as time moves on.

A few people have asked which diet I am following. It's the Slimming World "red and green" diet, where you limit your diet to either proteins (red days) or carbohydrates (green days). You can eat unlimited fruit and vegetables any day.  Fats, chocolate and dairy etc are removed almost completely.  I do, however, have a daily allowance for "treats" which I can spend how I wish; so a chocolate bar would use up all my "treat allowance" for a day or I could choose 50g of Stilton and a couple of crackers instead. Sadly, if you don't use your allowance on any given day you cannot carry it forward for a Saturday night blow-out! 

For example, over the last week breakfast has been cereal with skimmed milk (previously it was toast and marmalade) and lunch has been lots of fresh fruit with sparkling water (previously a roast beef sandwich, can of Pepsi and a chocolate bar!).  My evening meals have been:

Monday: Poached salmon fillets with fresh asparagus and salad
Tuesday: Chilli with brown rice
Wednesday: Grilled fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and fresh vegetables and a jacket potato
Thursday: Grilled sea bass with vegetables
Friday: Roast chicken (skin removed) with jacket potato

As you can see, I am hardly on "starvation rations"!  In fact, the only thing I really miss is Friday evening fish and chips and my usual large helping of cheesecake or profiteroles or apple crumble and custard after my evening meal - which is what got me to this predicament in the first place.

So, so far so good.  Thank you all for your help, encouragement and support - and, of course, your sponsorship!  So far, I have been pledged an amazing £1085 to lose 4 stone by end May. 


  1. And well done for not being intimidated as I sat opposite you pigging off the leftover chips Thursday night.

    1. It is temptation not intimidation that worries me most!